9 Key Features your Salon Software Must Have
9 Key Features your Salon Software Must Have
9 Key Features your Salon Software Must Have | Updated: Oct 13,2021, 06:36 AM IST

9 Key Features your Salon Software Must Have

These days having an online presence is really essential for a business. Due to the ever changing IT world, it has become essential for the salon business owner to make use of salon software or website to cope with the technology changes. Otherwise, they are on the verge of losing customers or other high risks.

Most of the customers immediately start searching on the internet whenever they need something. For instance, if they want to search for a restaurant nearby or a salon, they simply type and start searching. If you don’t have an online presence for your business, then it will become difficult for you to get those clients.

Also, they will not come to know about your salon or restaurant unless someone tells them about it. Therefore, you must have restaurant/ salon software or website so that your business is accessible. Due to this reason, one must definitely learn to make use of the upcoming and current technologies in order to stay competitive and to survive in the market.

Must Have Characteristics for your Salon Software

There are numerous features you can indulge in your software. It depends on your budget and feasibility (technical and behavioral feasibility). But it also requires advance planning so that, the features are worth using and not simply adding up to the cost. Here, is a list of nine features that you must surely add in your salon software.

Online Appointment Scheduling – Many people want to get things done from home. One such thing is online appointment or booking an appointment online. The software or website or application of your company should help the clients to place an appointment online. This will abolish the need for the customer to physically come to the salon for making an appointment.

There are several features you can add in this section. You can offer multiple features for booking an appointment such as double reservation, slot blocker, appointments out of office hours, etc. In slot blocker, you can avoid appointments when you are not available. This will save your time as well as your client’s time. Second is double reservation, it will help the client to make more than one appointment in the same time slot.

For instance, if they want to make appointment for spa and manicure in the same time period, then they can easily do it with the help of salon software or website. In this manner, this feature will be very helpful and will also attract a large number of customers to your salon.

Membership Module – This is another must have feature for your salon software. Businesses such as gym, salon, clubs, etc. are the ones that include membership facilities. It depends on the customers whether they have to avail the monthly facilities or they want to register for membership to get their hands on exclusive offers.

Most of the owner offer membership to their clients. Special offers, discounts, exclusive deals, and lucrative packages are offered to the members. Due to this reason, many people avail this facility and pay for the membership. Your software must be able to handle all of these members.

Membership management is important so that there is no chaos. The paid up capital, expiry of membership, advance payment, outstanding payment, total cash spent, etc. are some of the features that should be there in the membership module. It will help in easy maintenance.

Integration – Integration is important if there is more than one branch of your business. If you have only one salon, then it is perfectly okay. But, if there are more branches, then you cannot make new salon software for every new branch. This is where integration comes to play.

Single software should be able to manage all your branches. It will be very beneficial and helpful to manage your day to day transactions, employees, customers, etc. You can also manage the branch solely. The software, you develop should be able to generate report for your particular branch as well as for the business as a whole. It will also guide you to understand which property is making more profit and where attention is required. Other than this, you can also set particular offers for a specific branch based on the region or location.

Secure – Security is a major must have feature that is needed in any software. There are numerous cyber threats and intruders online that are trying to bypass the security features and harm your business. The developing team needs to make sure that the software is highly secure. In the current era, online transactions take place at a huge number.

It is an intricate process to manage the online payment and make sure that the gateways and security systems are secure. Multiple methods are used for offering high end security. Therefore, you need make your system secure, so that, customer can easily make the payment without any fear of cyber attacks or cyber theft.

User Friendly Interface – It is very essential for your software to be user friendly. The simpler the interface, more the customers would use it. Along with being simple and user-friendly, your salon software should also be smooth. There is no point of having user-friendly interface that crashes every time you click a button.

Moreover, if your software or website runs smoothly your user experience will elevate and people will also recommend your salon to their friends and family. Furthermore, smooth and simple user interface can curtail the issues of age barrier.
From young children to elderly people, all of them should be able to use your application without any difficulty. Therefore, make sure you give your clients the best user experience through your online handles.

Report Generation and Stock Management – Any software is incomplete if they are not providing you with report generation. If you are spending money on getting salon software developed, then make sure it has report generation and analysis feature. Along with this, it is also essential to embed the stock management module.

It becomes easier for the owner to make use of the software to make decision and strategies for the business. Stock management module can let you know which product is getting out of stock, product which is not being sold and many more. Furthermore, report will be generated, depending on your sales.

You can choose whether you want a pie chart or bar graph analysis. It will also help you understand your performance on daily, monthly and yearly basis. You can even compare your sales from one month or year to another. This will help the owner to understand where they stand in the competition and formulate decisions according to these reports.

Employee Management Module – Employees are significant to any business. There are equally important to a business as a client. An owner should be able to maintain the equilibrium and help make employees comfortable. Managing employees is also a challenge. If you have a huge business and multiple salon branches, then would become difficult for you to manage all of the employees working in different branches manually. Hence, you should let your spa software do the work for you. With the help of the software it would be easier for you to keep a record of all the employees, whether it is the record of employee’s joining, leave application, increment letter, etc.

Also, employees performance can be measure and you can reward them as per their performance. Salary records of all the workers can also be kept in the software. If such a module is there in your software, then managing the employees will become very easy.

Customer Management – This is one of the main characteristic which should be there in your salon software. Whether a customer is coming regularly or after some specific time, you can keep track of both. You can have separate modules for members and other clients. Not every customer will accept your membership.

Therefore, it will be easier if you can still keep a record of all your customers and keep a track of their visits. You can set policies or give rewards/ points each time they spend their penny in your salon. After reaching a specific or pre determined point, you can give them offers or discounts. This will help you in retaining customers and also convert non-regular customers into regular ones.

Feedback Management – Last but not the least is managing feedback. Each time a customer availed a specific offer, they can willingly provide feedback. Also, you can ask them to give review. Reviews will be helpful in determining performance of your business and will let you know about the areas where you need to work on.

Your salon software must take employee feedback and let you know about the number of satisfied and unsatisfied customers. If they have queries, then you can also reply them individually. After implementing the customer’s suggestion/ s, you can verify whether it made a difference.

Therefore, managing feedback can come handy in numerous ways. Hence, make sure your software is able to manage and handle and the feedbacks.

So, these are some of the important features that one must definitely include in their spa software. You must make optimum use of the resources that are available. Doing so can work wonders and will help you in running your business efficiently and diligently.