7 Self-Care Tips To Do In Self-Quarantine
7 Self-Care Tips To Do In Self-Quarantine
7 Self-Care Tips To Do In Self-Quarantine | Updated: Oct 13,2021, 02:39 AM IST

7 Self-Care Tips To Do In Self-Quarantine

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, people are obliged to stay at home and try to keep themselves safe. This virus can be fatal and hence, it is important to practice social distancing. Majority of the countries have gone under full lock-down so that people stay safe at home and do not come in contact with those who are infected. Since, this disease spreads from person to person either by inhaling the cough and sneeze air droplets or by not following the precautions. Therefore, it is important that people stay at home. You can also do some self-care tips in quarantine to cope with this situation.

What does your normal day look like? Waking up, doing your work, going to salon or spa for self-care, or to office and then work, come home have dinner, go to sleep, etc. Routine might differ from person to person. But since everyone has to stay home, you may feel like your life has come to a halt. Instead of babbling about how bored you are at your home, you can do some self-care tips in self-quarantine period. Use this time to bring some creative and productivity. If you are in a dilemma about how to use this time productively, then here are some methods you can use to increase your productivity in this self-quarantine period.

Self-Care Tips to Follow in This Self-Isolation Period

Here are some self-care tips that you can use to increase productivity, take care of yourself, do something creative, etc. Let us go through them one by one.

1. Try to Start an Exercise Routine – To all those who want to get fitter in this lock-down period, it is the best opportunity for you. Also, for others it is a great time to work on yourself. Staying activity has immense benefits and if done in the correct manner, you will be able to achieve desired results. Exercising is beneficial for health in numerous ways, not only will it help you lose excess weight but will also help you tone your body and abs.

Even for internal body, it has multifarious advantages. Your respiratory system, digestive system, heart, brain and so many other body parts will be benefitted if you do exercise regularly. To all those who had taken New Year resolution to lose weight or get back in shape, this is the time for you. Junk food and other street food outlets are also closed.Therefore, there is nothing there to tempt you. Use this period and do some physical activity. Here are 10 ways to work out at home while you’re stuck inside. Follow them and take self-care in self-quarantine period.

2. Eat Healthy Food – As mentioned above, all the street food and your favorite restaurants are closed. Even though you miss it, you may not be able to cheat. Take a glance at its bright side; eat clean food that is healthy and oil free. It often okay to cheat once or twice in two weeks, but don’t let it get in your way. This is one the simplest self-care tips in quarantine. Follow your normal diet and do some physical activity along with it.

You will have great result. Remember that if you are healthy, you can do and anything and eat anything. Those who eat too much sweet food are at a verge of getting diabetes and others that eat too much spicy food, their bodies create a lot of acid which is again harmful. Therefore, in order to keep yourself free from all sorts of diseases, eat nutritional food. It will also make you immune to any kind of disease.

3. Pick Up a Hobby – Before this lockdown, people complained that they don’t have time to follow their hobbies or it has been a lot of time since they have pursued their hobby. Well, now that everything is shut, what are you waiting for? If you are an artist, go and grab your brushes, pencils and canvas and start creating your masterpiece. Those who are writer grab your pen or laptop and start with the story or articles you have been thinking for so long.

Similarly, to all those who wanted to do something but lacked time, here is your time, use it and complete all that you wanted to. Other things that you can do is play indoor games, read books, listen to music, make some DIYs, start an online course in your favorite field, etc. There are a lot of options but it is upto you how you wish to spend this time. Either spend this time wisely and do something that can add to your skills or simply waste this quality time and regret later, the choice is yours.

4. Avoiding Using Screens – Although you have plenty of time to complete a new web series or do binge watching, take some time away from screens. Don’t spend the entire time in front of your television, laptop or mobile phones. As everybody is aware watching or sitting in front of such screens for too long is harmful for us.

Therefore, another self-care tip in self-quarantine is to shut off your screens and do something else. Do exercises, meditation, read a book, spend some self time, pamper yourself, listen to music or songs, etc. There are plenty of things that can be done away from electronic equipment.

5. Do Some Natural Remedies – Natural remedies have minimum side effects and are beneficial to a greater extent. Therefore, if you have been planning to try out a natural remedy, then this is the right time. Whether the natural remedy is for skin or for hair or any other problem, you can try it out and continue it for a definite period. It is no secret that such remedies don’t work overnight and need to be followed in routine in order to get maximum results. Hence, use this time for some self-pampering. It is one of the best self-care tips in quarantine.

6. Try Self- Relaxation – Self-relaxation is important for healthy mind and staying emotionally and mentally fit. There are a lot of things that can be done for relaxing such yoga or meditation. Remember that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Hence, make time for yourself where you can just relax and make peace.

Before this temporary closure, you may been stressed either with pressure from work or home or studies, etc. but now you have time to overcome this stress. Try to meditate everyday for a few minutes. It will help you in relaxing as well as sharpen the ability of your brain.

7. Spend Time with your Family – Last but not the least self-care tip in quarantine is to spend tremendous amount of time with your family. Before this lockdown, everyone was just so busy with their work that nobody had much time for their loved ones. Everyone just gathered at evening or night had their meal and went off to sleep. But now that you have plenty of time, spend it with your family. Family is the backbone of any person, being with the people you love and having a pleasurable time with them will keep you happy emotionally and mentally.
Hence, even if you don’t see how it helps in self-care tip, it doesn’t mean it won’t work.Play some indoor games with family or watch a movie together, cook together, talk to each other, feel the nostalgia of the good old days you spent with them. All of this will strengthen your family bond and will help you keep healthy too.

These are some of the self-care tips to do in self-quarantine. Make sure you follow them and use your time to do something productive and healthy. Make the most of this time as once all of this will be over; you will get back to your mundane tasks and may not have much time. Hence, wisely choose how you want to spend your time and what you want to do in this spare time. Hope you come out of this quarantine and self-isolation period with something positive and memorable.