7 Important Features for Online Appointment Scheduling Software
7 Important Features for Online Appointment Scheduling Software | Updated: Oct 13,2021, 20:18 PM IST

7 Important Features for Online Appointment Scheduling Software

No matter what business you are dealing in, you must offer your clients to be able to make a reservation online using your salon software or application. Usually, for salons, this feature becomes more important. Since, during festive seasons or special occasions your salon can be flooded with people. This can create a mess for you to handle all of them. This is where online appointment scheduling comes to play.

Having a free scheduling app or software will not only help your clients but it will also help you. When the clients will book their appointment in advance, you can come to know how much products, which products, amount of manpower, etc. will be required. This will make it easier for you to handle and manage them. Due to this, the problem of chaos will be ameliorated.

According to the appointments, you can make your schedule and manage your employees.

Also, if one of your products is nearly out of stock, you can purchase it beforehand. This will prevent wastage of time for you as well as for your customer. Hence, if you already have salon software, then make sure it is embedded with online appointment booking feature.

Essential Features for Online Appointment Scheduling

Booking an appointment online is easy but it is an intricate process. Therefore, make sure you allocate adequate time for profound thinking. Here is a list of some must have features.

1. Online Calendar – There should be an online calendar in the software or application which will help the clients to access the services from anywhere and anytime. Make sure your online calendar includes some exciting and unusual features like slot blocker, double reservation, booking appointment outside salon hours, personal calendar, and many more.

With the help of slot blocker you can restrict clients to place an appointment in case you are unavailable. This will not only save you from any hassle but will also save time of your clients. Also, with the use of double reservation, clients can make multiple booking in the similar time period.

2. Integration – If you have multiple social media handles, then you can integrate online appointment scheduling with Facebook, Instagram and your website. Clients can directly schedule from your website where orders can be placed 24x7. Social media is the biggest trend currently for general people as well as for businessmen and for marketing companies.

Many businesses carry on their marketing campaigns on social media and are attaining a lot of success. Similar can be done by you, use social media along with the salon software for the betterment of your business.

3. Text Notification – Majority of the salon businesses make use of SMS and text facilities. Whether it is a discount offer or an exciting and lucrative deal, salon owners send text messages to reach out to their clients. Similar thing can to be done by you. Just embed the text notification feature in your salon software.

With the help of this feature, the text messages are sent automatically. You don’t have to press any buttons for this as it operates by itself. Whether any of your customers does online appointment scheduling, the notifications are promptly sent as a reminder. This not only saves your time but also save the cost of your missing appointments.

4. Email Reminder – This feature is similar to that of text notification. Here, in place of text, automatic emails are sent to the clients making them aware of their appointments booked, rescheduled or canceled. You can either choose text notification or email reminders. Also, both of the features can be embedded. Thus, you don’t have to worry about anything. Whenever an online appointment scheduling will be done. Respective client will get the messages promptly.

5. Access to Employees – Allow access to the staff members to place appointments using your software in case of your absence or according to their designation. Salon software is easy to use; hence, your employees can also book appointments for your clients. Moreover, certain authority can also be provided to them such as the authority to read, view and edit.

Employees can access their own calendars and receive alerts about their classes and appointment tasks. This will become easy by different access control provided by your software application.

6. Comments and Testimonials – On your salon software, clients can post their reviews or experience so that it helps you understand your client satisfaction. Also, it will help other clients to learn about your work procedures. Majority of the clients like to check reviews before doing any online transaction. Hence, if you have positive reviews, then you will attract more clients. On your online appointment scheduling page you can display these reviews as well as testimonials.

7. Android application – Android application can work wonders for your business. Many IT solutions such as easy salon software and others provide this facility of providing an android application specially designed and developed for your unique salon. This not only helps you access greater clients but also helps your clients in booking online appointment scheduling with ease.

With the help of the salon app you can also send prompt notification to your clients regarding new or festive offers, alerts and reminders regarding payments or renewals. Moreover, getting client feedback will also become easy using the android application.

Hence, if you are deciding to get your personalized software for your salon, then make sure it consists of all these 7 important features. By embedding and implementing these features in your application or software, you can attain more sales and flourish your salon business.