5 Effective Precautions to Prevent Coronavirus in Salon
5 Effective Precautions to Prevent Coronavirus in Salon
5 Effective Precautions to Prevent Coronavirus in Salon | Updated: Oct 15,2021, 12:39 PM IST

5 Effective Precautions to Prevent Coronavirus in Salon

Novel Coronavirus is one of the members of large family of viruses. This disease is also known as COVID-19. Its first case appeared in December, 2019, in Wuhan China. Since then, it is spreading in different countries and has taken lives of a huge number of people. Precautionary measures must be taken by everybody as this disease is ubiquitous.

This disease easily spread from an infected person to another through close contact. Also, make sure you cover your face while coughing and sneezing because the droplets spread during these actions can also cause the disease. However, avoiding close contact in salons is not possible. As a number of services include close contact. So what can you do in such situations? Go through the effective precaution tips mentioned below in order to find out.

5 Effective Precautions to Prevent Coronavirus in Salon

5 Safety Measures Against COVID-19

Here are certain tips which can prevent the spread of the virus thereby protecting your clients and salon staff. Know How it Spreads – It is essential to first understand how it spreads. There are various myths about coronavirus and how it can be killed. Make sure you read the Myth busters: Public advice by WHO in regards to coronavirus. Usually, it spreads by being in a close contact with an infected and through respiratory droplets spread at the time of sneezing and coughing.

Also, being reckless about cleanliness can cause harm. Once you have an understanding about how the virus actually spreads, it will be easier for you to take safety measures against it.

Wash Hands Frequently – Washing hands frequently and regularly after frequent intervals has become a necessity. Not washing your hands for hours is an obnoxious habit. Thus, ensure that you keep your hands sanitized. Use an alcohol based hand sanitizer. Asks your clients to sanitize their hands every time they enter your salon. Also, after every service, your staff members should also wash their hands thoroughly.

One can get infected simply by touching infected surface or objects. As, the virus can live on the surface for several hours, it has become difficult to prevent it. However, with washing hands after frequent intervals or after touching surfaces and objects, you can surely kill the virus.

Maintain Social Distance – With the outbreak of the coronavirus, maintaining social distance is an obligation and everyone must follow it. At least 1 meter or 3 feet distance must be maintained from a person who has cough or cold. As such a person releases droplets during sneezing and coughing. These droplets can be inhaled by you if you are in a close contact with the infected person. It is inevitable to avoid close contact in salons. You can ask your staff members to wear a mask or make it compulsory for them. In this manner, even after being in a close contact, the spread of the virus can be prevented.

Keep your Surroundings Clean – Only cleaning your hands is not enough to prevent the virus from spreading. You must also keep your surroundings clean. Make sure you wash your surroundings with disinfectants available in the market in order to prevent coronavirus. Also, take necessary efforts to keep your vicinity clean.

Ensure all your products and objects in the salon are cleaned with disinfectants. Some cleaning supplies companies such as Dettol, etc. have also launched sprays so that cleaning objects becomes easier. Therefore, make optimum use of it.

Avoid Touching Your Face – Studies have found that on an average a person touches his or her face at least 23 times in an hour. Therefore, one must resist the urge to touch their eyes, mouth, nose or ears. As, the coronavirus can live on the surface for several hours, if your hands are infected once, then the virus can easily spread through your hands by touching your mouth, eyes or nose. Hence, if you resist touching your face and keep your hands clean, then it will prevent the infection from getting inside your body. In salon, employees have to touch clients face for different services such as threading, face bleach, etc. Hence, in order to prevent the disease from spreading ask your staff members and clients to sanitize their hands before touching their mouth, face or eyes.

Everyone is easily susceptible to get infected by this disease. Therefore, by following these above mentioned precautions, you can prevent the spread of coronavirus in your gym. Also, there are some frequently asked questions that one must know about coronavirus. Go through them and keep yourself updated about the virus in order to take preventive measures against it. Therefore, wash hands frequently, keep your vicinity dirt free, stay away from myths and keep yourself hygienic.