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Stock Management

Purchase Stock from Vendor, Keep Record of the Beauty Products Used At Your Salon, Sell Them through POS, and Get Automated Stock Report

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Manage your stock efficiently

Add the stock purchased from the vendor using barcode scanner.

manage beauty products

Track Product Usage

Track each product to know sales, profit margins or transaction histories, place orders, and control your stock.

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Product Sale

Sell your products through POS and automatically get the reports of the outgoing products. Your POS will keep track of each product that is sold and you can see the reports of the products sold on a daily basis.

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Stock management

Easy Salon Software will place the orders by itself, by email, depending on the cost of sales or consumption product you have in your center. This intelligent function learns as to which suppliers the products serve you; it takes into account the waiting times, the consumption that it makes and many other parameters to facilitate the task of controlling orders. Even if you do them manually, the system will recommend the ones you need to order.

You can also control the expense of the products even better by recording the amount of product used for each customer. You can see the results of that expense through specialized reports.

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