Salon Booking System: Benefits, Features and Advantages

Rated No.1 Salon Booking System

A powerful software for salons, spas, and barbershops. Adaptable for independent professionals, large centers and multiple branches. 24/7 management, administrative and commercial / POS services, marketing, reports and much more.

Simple, Smart & Affordable Salon Booking System

Majority of the businesses that involve pre bookings face issues because they do not have a full-fledged system. Majority of the people are lazy to pick up the phone and book an appointment. Data suggests that 64% millennials’ prefer booking appointments online and 49% put off an appointment if they cannot book it online instantly. If you don’t have a 24/ 7 /365 booking system, you may be losing customers. Therefore, using Salon Booking System for appointment booking must be an integral part of the business because it offers flexibility in the booking process, which ultimately leads to more clients and more revenues.

A Salon Booking System is a one in all, easy to manage appointment booking system that would help the business in attracting more reservations on the website, which would ultimately save a lot of time and effort. A typical salon business would involve multiple tasks such as appointments, billing, commissions, inventory management, marketing, billing, feedback and results, staff payroll, etc. With the upsurge of technology, Salon Booking System software’s has been of great help to professionals all over the world making their life a lot easier.

Retain & Reward clients
Improve your client retention rate by offering them rewards and special discounts using our salon management software.

Manage Multiple Properties
Salon management system provides features with the help of which different properties can be integrated & managed.

Android App
Easy salon software provides android application embedded with all features & built specifically for your business.



Making the customers happy and giving them the utmost ease in the entire process is one way of attracting customers. With the Salon Booking System Customers have the utmost power of booking whenever they want (even in the middle of the night or at 7A.M. in the morning), they also have the power of booking in whatever device they want nor do they have to face any nagging pressure from the customer executive. Booking can’t get more comfortable than this!

Increased Profit

With business becoming available 24/7, more number of bookings is received which translates to greater revenue as opposed to the tradition channel. Multiple bookings can be made by multiple customers from their homes which would not happen earlier where a customer would have to wait till the customer executive finished the booking process of the previous customers. This is one of the biggest bottle necks of the traditional booking system. Thus Salon Booking Systems saves a lot of time which ultimately transcends down to more bookings and hence more income.

Cost Reduction

If all the tasks involved in the booking process are done via man force then the cost would shoot up keeping the customers convenience in mind. Salon Booking Systems like EASYSALON provides an affordable solution to such problems, thus helping businesses to optimize the costs. You no longer require staffs to spend hours on the phone with the clients telling them about the booking slots available or the services offered by the business which ultimately reduces the costs.

Analyze Customers Better

Traditional Booking channels can be very difficult in terms of tracking down the customers or analyzing their data to design better marketing strategies. This is where the Salon Booking System becomes handy.


Your business would be available 24/7 making it accessible to the customers whenever and wherever required. Gone are the days of – hotline and packed emails that required constant monitoring.

Optimized Calendar

The Salon Booking System can be used for forecasting various things such as number of customers visiting, type of service that is needed for every individual appointment, etc. Scheduling errors such as double bookings or lost bookings will be minimized with the help of technology. Depending upon the booking volume, workforce availability and man-hours required can also be easily optimized.

Thus we see that the Online Salon Booking System provides a range of opportunity for a business including reduced cost, more revenue and saving a lot of time for the workforce which can be utilized further on the service. Such spectrum of prospects should not be left out by any business if it intends to grow faster and if it intends to increase its clientele list faster.

Notification for new appointment
Reminder notification for old appointments
Notification regarding feedback for the appointments which has already been serviced.
The notification can be either in email or SMS.
Booking Time Range
Validity of Time Range, Holiday Rules
Payment option( including a pay later option)
Cancellation of bookings for unpaid appointments
Prices for all the services offered
Check Out option
Limit the booking volume at a particular time to avoid crash
Synchronization of reservation with calendar
Discount System

Salon Booking Systems provide the best solutions to the need of various businesses such as Beauty Salons, Spas, Barber Shop, Hair Dressers Salon, Doctors, Therapists, Studios, etc. It basically meets the need of all the business where there are individual appointments within a stipulated period of time and hence has a vast range of clientele. It gives a holistic view to the business about each and every appointment that has been made and hence a forecast can be made about everything else that is required for the business, from workforce to inventory.



The traditional system of booking is not only time consuming but also requires more personnel to take the bookings, keep a track of them as well as organize and coordinate the booking according to the time slots available. It is quite a cumbersome process for a human brain to do all such multiple tasks and a small mistake can spoil the reputation of the business and may lead to loosing of loyal customers. This is why using technology is essential for every business. So that, the firms can cope with the technical changes and market fluctuations.

Our Easy Salon, Salon Booking System helps the business achieve all that providing a one-stop solution. It not only eases the work for the business but also for the customers too who generally prefer booking via the online platform because it lets them check the availability based on their timings, book as well as pay if they want to via the online booking system.


Easy Salon Software is the most affordable Salon/Spa software in India which provides the best salon booking system in the market. Many businesses suffer because of the lack of systematic procedures. A survey of around 2,000 salons have shown that over 50% of the companies have seen an increase in their profits after implementing round the clock online salon booking system. Easy Salon not just helps you with your booking appointments but it also provides a range of features which include


Easy Salon assists you with client service 24/7 and lets your customer book appointment anywhere anytime with flexibility in payment options.


Business can sell memberships to their clients and offer them various offers and discounts on services on the basis of their serviced availed.

Reward Points

According to the money spent and the type of services availed, rewards will be given to the respective clients and e-wallets will be managed.


Billing has been made really easy using salon management software. Different types of bills, invoices and GST, Non-GST billings can be generated.

Inquiry Management

Inquire to your potential clients after their walk-in query or free trial and the non-regular clients and with its help boost your client list.


With the built-in marketing tools such as bulk SMS and Emails. Send your clients offers, discounts, payment balance through emails or text messages.

Daily Reports

The report generation module helps in easily managing daily work. Daily reports can be compared to check the salon performance andprogress.

Staff commission and payroll

Salon management software is embedded with payroll and commission module which automatically generate salariesof employeesthereby saving time.

Thus Easy Salon Software is a holistic software that not only helps you managing your appointments but also manages multiple task making life easier for you to run your business and lets you focus on what’s really important i.e. The Quality of your Service.