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Physiotherapy Clinic Software

It can be cumbersome task to manage all the clients and search for their medical history at the time of their appointment. Physiotherapy clinic software makes this task easier for you. With client portal manage all your clients; record their previous medical data and their previous appointments. Also, track their progress. Our physiotherapy clinic has helped many professionals to manage their clinic.

Affordable & Best Physiotherapy Software

Physiotherapy practitioners need physiotherapy software program like Easy Salon, to identify patients’, their needs for treatment and to simplify remedy shipping. This type of software program enables therapists diagnose and then advocate suitable remedies to patients. Physiotherapy software program can also provide patients with statistics on remedy plans, claims and invoices, or domestic exercise tips.

The software usually provides basic invoicing features but can also integrate with medical billing and accounting software, Integration with electronic health records solutions allows for the importing patient health data. You can manage all your patients using physiotherapy software. Also, their number of visits, progress they have made so far a lot more is possible using this software. Not only this, they can also book appointment online by accessing your website or application or from social media handles.

Well Organized
Everything can be well-organized using physiotherapy clinic management software. Employees and clients can be handled hassle-free &effectively.

Multiple locations
If you have than one clinic, even then physiotherapy studio software can help you. Easily compare, manage and track progress of various clinics.

Boost your revenues
Because of this software; there would be fewer chances of errors & more room for accuracy. This will help you take informed decisions& boost profit.

Advantages of the Physiotherapy Software

Easy Salon Software is a physiotherapy platform for increasing patient care and boosting business growth. Ideal for outpatient organizations of all sizes, Easy Salon makes it smooth for therapy specialists to transition from paper and outdated software to a consumer-friendly, cloud-based solution.

Powerful Features

This physical therapy software should analyse your data and present it to you in the form of meaningful, impactful, and intuitive reports (business intelligence). That way, you can:

Monitor staff productivity and audit activity.

Track and identify lost patients including cancellations and no-shows as well as clinic’s billing information such as claim status and units billed.

Manage patient notes to ensure patients’ plans of care are always up to date.

Assess clinic compliance by reviewing easy-to understand reports, including a Medicare therapy cap report, which shows patients’ progression toward the cap.

Review the impact of your marketing efforts through referral tracking and reporting.


Distinct scheduling and one online appointment can be made using this software.

Booking, changing, and removing patient appointments.

Setting recurring patient appointments and meetings.

Dragging and dropping to reschedule appointments.

Tracking no-shows and cancellations.

Seeing multiple therapists' calendars in one view with color coding.

Creating calendars for rooms or machines that require reservations.

Monitoring Medicare patients’ progress toward the therapy cap within appointment entries.

Automated Appointment Reminders

You do not have to manually check who has appointment so that you can send them reminders.

Sending automatic appointment reminders to patients via text, email, or phone.

Reducing no-shows by as much as 30%.

Relieving the front office staff from having to perform time-consuming patient calls.

Increasing patient engagement with professional reminders.

Uploading patients’ documents (like diagnostic images, patient-signed consent docs, referrals, and therapist prescriptions) directly into your patients’ records.

Creating an online archive of information on each patient that anyone on your team can access Faxing and emailing patient notes directly from the system.

The features of Physiotherapy Software are mentioned below:


Whenever clients have an appointment and make payment, they expect you to give them a receipt. With the help of the physiotherapy clinic software, generating bills and invoices will be easy and prompt messages regarding the payment will be sent to the clients.

Client Management

All your client information can be stored in their respective profile such as name, contact data, address, medical history & any appointments that they have made previously. Also, their progress can be recorded & accordingly treatment can be provided to clients.

Inventory management

Stock in your clinic can also be handled automatically using this software. Many clinics have some necessary medicines & medical equipment such as gloves, injections, etc. You can record all of them and per their usage & sales purchase the items out of stock.

Prepaid packages and discount coupons

You can provide your clients with prepaid options. They can have e-wallets which can help them do cashless transactions. You can also offer some clients free check-up or special discount and offers on various check-ups, treatments, medicines and many more.

Enquiry Follow-up

You can conduct various follow-up with the help of this clinic management software. The clients that come through walk-in and othersthat come through references, everyone’s data can be stored and follow-up can be conducted due to which you can manage clients easily.

Staff commission and payroll

Clinics either small or large have other workers that help in overall management of the clinic. You can add multiple employees, record their attendance, accept leaves, and calculate salaries of all your staff. The software also comes with automatic calculation of commission.

With Easy Physiotherapy Software, physiotherapists have an advanced, interactive platform that’s well-suited to meet their needs, empowering them to be stand more importantly, enabling them to spend much less time on patient reporting documents and more time with their patients.

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Easy Physiotherapy Software

Through Easy Salon’s suite of reporting tools, therapists and staff can track productivity, cancellations, and no-shows as well as referrals. Therapists can track patient progress through the physiotherapy software’s outcomes tracking module. Lastly, Easy Salon’s billing options—including the Easy Salon Billing Service and integrations with numerous certified billing partners—ensure clinics receive reliable, accurate claims submission and processing in addition to rapid, maximized reimbursements.