Online Pet Grooming Software with POS, Billing and More

Effortlessly Manage Your Pet Salon with Pet Grooming Software

Pet Grooming software is one of the best software for pet salons. With the help of immense features such as vaccine management, online appointment booking, unlimited access, pet owner portal, POS, billing, integrate multiple branches and many more useful features are available.

Best and Most Trusted Pet Grooming Software

We are trusted by many Pet Grooming Salons due to our priority for customer satisfaction and timely delivery. We offer multiple services to tailor and cover all your grooming needs. There are various modules in the software that helps you to manage the boarding, daycare, training, etc. of your pet. Also, a separate module is provided for Pet owner. In this, if you have more than one pet that both of them can be managed in your respective portal. You can book appointment 24/7 for grooming your pet or for his or her training. With the help of secured payments we assure you all monetary transactions are safe and secure.

We have been trusted by more than 2000 pet care centers. There are many loyal clients that belong to some of the most popular countries across the globe such as Canada, India, USA, Qatar, Malaysia, Africa, etc.

Online Appointment Booking
Book appointment 24/7 using our Pet Grooming Software.Whether you want to book appointment or reschedule it, all of this can be easily managed using this software.

Manage Multiple Properties
Manage your multiple pet centers using this feature. Now you can easily compare, analyze, add data or delete it and make changes accordingly in your multiple pet grooming centers.

Pet Grooming App
Handle all your pet’s needs just by few clicks. We also offer Pet grooming mobileapp for android phones using which you caneasily book appointment, handle payments, etc.

Escalate Your Revenue by 40% Using Pet Grooming Software


Check and record your daily business operations, track your payments, compare revenue, gain visibility of your business and watch it flourish using the report & analysis module.


Customize the software according to your wish and vision. Get more control over your software and business dealings; change theme, font, style, pricing, forms, and many more.


With built in marketing tools like sending bulk SMS and Emails various marketing campaigns can be run. Also, promotional offers and deals can be sent through these tools.


Increase your client retention by 40% using pet grooming software. It provides different client and pet portal with the help of which management becomes easy and effortless.


Book appointment at anytime and from anywhere using the pet care software.Just within a few clicks you can easily make reservation, reschedule appointment, or cancel it, etc.


Integrate multiple properties if you have. It is cumbersome to manage all the pet care centers and maintain them. Thus, use thissmart software to help you in easy management.


Keep track of all the vaccines necessary for your pet. Our software helps to store these vaccine records. For further vaccinations, automatic alerts and reminders are also sent.


Feedback is essential for future plans and for checking the position of the business. Pet grooming software helps in providing necessary feedback management and evaluates it.


POS helps in managing the sales and generating reports. Also, billing software helps to generate easily printable invoices in no time along withautomatic stock management.

What is Pet Grooming Software?

Pet Grooming Software helps different pet care center owners to manage their salons effective and with efficiency. We understand the importance of grooming your pet; hence, we comprehend to their needs and requirements. Due to this, we made smart technology driven solution for your pet grooming salon. With its immense and extensive features, we got all your pet grooming needs covered. Features in the software include online appointment booking, mobile grooming, vaccine management, separate portals for clients and their pets, secure payment module, inventory management, billing and POS, integration of multiple properties, unlimited access, high-end security, report generation and many more.

Mobile Grooming

You can easily manage your pet grooming work through your mobile phones. Along with pet care/ grooming software, we also offer mobile app for pet grooming. This is android based app. Within a few clicks, you can easily manage all your tasks, book appointment, pay pending payments, check for next vaccination requirement, access numerous times, etc. Mobile grooming will save a lot of time and efforts for you. You don’t always need to switch on your laptop and place your reservation. Simply open the pet grooming app and do whatever you want.

Manage Pet and Client Efficiently

With the separate client and pet portals; you can easily manage your tasks. In the client portal, the pet owner will come to know about the various appointments by looking at the calendar, make payments, select services and many more. In the pet portal, all the data related to the pet will be saved such as name, breed, services taken, vaccine management, etc. Hence, for an accurate and effective business operations chose our pet care software.

Online Appointment Booking

With the 24/7 Online Appointment Booking Page, make appointment directly either through website or mobile app. Also, social media pages can be linked through the help of which, you can attract huge number of clients. With this module, you can not only book appointment but also reschedule it or cancel it. Make group bookings if you have two pets in the same or separate time slots, check availability of service, and many more. In this manner, our software is accessible to you any time and any day you want.

Get a Free Demo

If you want a free demo, then find it on our website or contact our support team. Getting a free pet grooming software demo, will help you in learning how it would affect your business for the good and help you in maximizing your revenue. Not only this, it is very easy to use with interactive user interface to increase your user experience with our software. Hence, get a free demo and start availing our services.