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E-wallet, Memberships & Rewards

Boost up your revenue and give your clients a reason to come back with easy salon e-wallet, salon membership, and reward points.

What is the importance of the Client Management System?


With e-wallets members get money in their wallet in advance. There are many benefits:

For Clients:
  • Facility to go cashless
  • Immediate availability of money
  • No transaction costs
  • Time saving
  • More reward points (optional)
For You:
  • Get the money in your pocket in advance
  • Better experience for the users
  • More swift payments
  • Greater control over payment methods used


Membership is one of the best ways to boost loyalty. Each member will get certain benefits as members - highlighting the sense of exclusivity, and making the clients feel special.

  • Membership creates a more durable long-term relationship between your business and your client.
  • Members become your loyal customers and your retention rate increases.
  • Members feel a sense of exclusivity and feel special and would want to bring more people to you along with them.
Different Membership Variants
  • 1. Set special prices of your services for your members.
  • 2. Give special discounts on all services to your members.


Offer rewards to your customers in the form of points, coupons or free services.

  • The point system is based on a simple principle: the more you spend, the more points you get in return.
  • Each time a customer makes a purchase on your website (or at your center); they will get some points, depending on what they spend.
  • Customers can use these points in future purchases.

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