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Promote your business with Easy Salon marketing tools

Promote Your Business, Products and Services Through Innovative, Easy-To-Use & Effective Marketing Tools

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Grow your business with advanced marketing tools, such as prepaid packages and subscriptions. Your customers are already asking questions. Be the one to offer them answers and solutions. The automated marketing system has been running for some time and the results are clear: not only will you get more happy, loyal and motivated customers, but you'll also see direct benefits in aspects such as:

  • Increase of new customers
  • More frequent visits
  • Higher-income per visit
  • Elevated level of loyalty
  • Professional Image

Email marketing campaigns with useful and easy-to-use metrics

  • Publish your promotions with bulk e-mail delivery.
  • Marketing campaign reports.
  • Segment your customer base according to your business objectives.

Improve communication with your customers

Automatic user satisfaction surveys.
Get the feedback of your customers in real-time.

Personalized campaigns:

Target the clients based on different characteristics such as age, gender, preferences, etc.

SMS & Email campaigns:

Bulk e-mail and SMS delivery with the option to target specific active, non-active or special customers.

Greetings on special days:

Send wishes and gift coupons to your clients on their special days and make them feel great.

Appointment reminder:

Automatic reminder for the clients whose appointment is nearing and who have not been coming to you for a while.

Mass email marketing:

Email marketing has become one of the most economical, effective and refined promotion tools out there. You can use email marketing:

  • To promote products and services
  • To give your customers the instructions and advice step by step
  • So that your customers know more about how your business works
  • Conduct studies and obtain valuable market data
  • To offer exclusive products to customers
  • To compare your product with other products
  • To introduce recipients to your new CEO, facilities, sales team and more
  • To show customer testimonials and case studies
  • To show all your clients the products they like best
  • Offer discounts and coupons on a product or service

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