The #1 Hair Salon Management Software for Barber Shop

Best Hair Salon Software for your Salon

Best Hair Salon Software is rated no.1 software for hair salons, and other beauty parlor. Our effective features provide ease in day to day business transactions and operations. Managing employee and clients have never been this easy. Also, handling stock has been made simple. Generating invoices, bills is easy also, the inventory is automatically deducted. We have served many salons and have loyal clients in different countries of the world.

Affordable & Best Hair Salon Software

Working and managing at salon industry can be difficult at times to manage multiple customer appointments andthis gets exacerbated during peak hours. Over that a typical salon business would involve multiple tasks such as Inventory management, staff management, payroll and commission, marketing, billing, feedback etc. That’s where our Hair salon software comes to rescue. A salon management solution helps professionals like you managing their appointments and easily scheduling/rescheduling of appointments, take requests for new ones, which can help maximizing the efficiency and profitability of the business.

It is a tool that helps you to manage the business operations of your salon/spa in a hassle free and simplest way. This software can handle point-of-sale transactions, employee scheduling, appointment bookings, staff management, and marketing campaigns, managing expenses and inventory with lots of other features too.Being the most affordable and 100% customized and specialized software in India, it offers you quick GST and Non-GST billing for services, beauty products and packages.

Organized Work Flow
Have more control over your business by easily tracking clients, employees and inventory. Using hair salon software work will be done in more organized manner.

Multiple locations
Manage multiple properties using salon management software. You can compare the revenue and functioning of different salons using this hair salon software.

Boost your revenues
Using the marketing tools provided in salon app and software boost your revenue and profits by sending bulk SMS and Emails regarding various offers and deals.

Advantages of the Hair Salon Software

There are multiple benefits of using technology to help you manage your entire hair salon task. It prevents human errors and ensures accuracy in work done.

Get more business with online tools

When customers see the online availability of your salon/spa and that they can book and make appointment over a click and get SMS/email confirmation regarding the same, they get more assured and it demonstrate that your salon is using state-of-the-art technology.

24/7 Payments & Bookings

Most of the clients won’t call during working hours to make an appointment. Being able to book appointments at their convenience would resolve much of their booking hassle and clients usually prefers a time when they can sit back and relax after a tiring working day. By offering online booking in your salon, you would be able to sell services 24/7.

Increased Profitability

Multiple bookings can be made by multiple customers from their home which was not possible earlier in traditional booking system where customers had to wait to get his/her appointment booked till the customer executives finish the process of previous customers. And with the most effective personnel management system, each client is appointed to respective personnel in the most effective and systematic manner which ultimately leads to the increased revenue and profitability of the business.

Prevent Mal-Practices

With the traditional way of keeping salon’s information via pen and paper, or through multiple word documents and spreadsheets, you could easily lose any important information and client data. With Salon software you won’t have to worry about any of these issues, it provides hassle free and simpler way of storing all the clients information, product inventory, schedule and sales record on the cloud which will be streamlined and centralized so that you can securely access your data from any device, anytime and from anywhere.

Cost reduction = more profits

Save time and money on the tasks that you would otherwise be doing yourself. Payments are automatically registered in the software, hence cutting the time of manually sorting accounts and receipts of the clients. When a product is going out of stock, you will automatically receive a notification. It also tracks seasonality changes and recent ongoing trends in the salon industry and in the customers circle and suggest the results accordingly. Surveying what’s moving off shelves, maintaining a minimum level of stocks and the above features will help immensely in reducing the cost of the operations.

The features of Hair salon software are mentioned below:


This will provide you with a unique POS service for generating new invoices for products and services. Clients can do online payments through net banking, mobile wallets and UPI and go cashless. Clients will receive the bills through SMS on their phone or through a printed invoice.

Client Management

Management of clients has never been so simple. It enables users to book, reschedule and follow-up on appointments on the go using an interactive and intuitive user-friendly interface.

Inventory management

Never run out of stocks. Now you can keep track of your inventory and order beforehand the item that is going to get out of stock. It also keeps a check on the usage of each item to prevent any kind of fraud.

Prepaid packages and discount coupons

This feature provides various schemes and discount packages to attract more clients, helps in managing multiple services and discounts packages in one click. It also provides promotions of offers over various social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Enquiry Follow-up

In addition to the above features, it provides regular follow-up on the clients through SMS and emails, takes customer feedback which helps you to know the trending demands of the clients which ultimately will increase the sales and services of the salon

Staff commission and payroll

It comes with an automatic payroll and commission management system. Adding the commission and sales target of the service provider on each service will automatically generate the best way to manage and distribute payroll and commissions to the staff.

Thus, we can see that Hair Salon Software provides a range of benefits, features and opportunities for a business to thrive including increased profitability, reduced cost and saving work time of the staff to be utilized elsewhere on the service. Such opportunities should not be missed by any business if it must thrive and grow more productively in this fast-changing world.

Giving a holistic view to the business for every appointment made, it provides a future forecast of each unit related to business i.e. from inventories to workforce. EASY SALON is one such hair salon software which provides affordable solutions to all the problems listed in traditional way of management, thus helping businesses to optimize the cost.

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Easy Hair Salon Booking System

Easy Hair Salon Software is the most affordable Salon/Spa software which provides the best salon booking system in the market. Many businesses suffer because of the lack of systematic procedures.

A survey of around 20,000 salons have shown that over 50% of the companies have seen an increase in their profits after implementing round the clock online salon booking system.