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Frequently asked questions

With software that suits the needs of your beauty salon, you will be able to plan your clients' appointments and control the availability of your team members.

Some of the main functions of management software for beauty salons are:

  • Register, manage and track customers and their visits.
  • Plan and manage a calendar with upcoming appointments.
  • Send reminders to your customers automatically to avoid no-shows.
  • Segment groups of customers with similar tastes and characteristics to send marketing campaigns.
  • Conduct surveys to know the valuation and the degree of satisfaction of your customers.
  • Loyalty of your regular customers through discounts offers and points accumulation cards.
  • Access your business information from anywhere.
Easy Salon Software only requires a web browser to work (we recommend that it be Google Chrome), from a PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile phone with internet connection. Therefore, whether you use Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS or any other Operating System will not affect the good performance of Easy Salon Software.
Easy Salon Software allows you to create multiple user accounts and generate usage profiles (for reception and mangers) that will allow you to restrict access to certain modules and functions within the system. In this way, your users can only see and use the information you define. Control really is in your hands.
At Easy Salon Software, we care about the needs of our customers and constantly learn from all of them, so updates and improvements are rolled periodically in order to improve the user experience of our clients at no additional costs.

Easy Salon allows you unlimited entries for users, workers, customers, suppliers, appointments, sales, and everything you require. For, the registration, processing and analysis of information are very important processes because we know the value they have for you.

In Easy Salon Software, you can configure multiple forms of payments, such as cash, credit / debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, etc.), bank deposits, and even keep track and record of the credits (debts, pending payments) that you provide to your customers.

Easy Salon Software provides you so many features that it is sure to boost your business. Though, Easy Salon Software is not free, it easily covers the costs by getting your more client and opportunities and better management of your business.

No, our management software for salons and spas is very affordable. The cost of some other software may scare you, but Easy Salon Software can give you more and better features in less cost. The only challenge for you would be to adapt to the new and improved way of working.

Simplify your life and grow your beauty salon business
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