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Payroll & Commissions

View performance reports setting team and individual goals, using a wide range of performance measures.

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Payroll & commission

If creating salaries and calculating commissions is a hassle, you can be relieved to know that with Easy Salon Software, you can easily create salaries and get automated commission calculation on a daily basis with.

Target based commissions

Set target based commissions to encourage your employees to reach a certain sales point.

The individualized and enthusiastic attention that the staff provides to each client will be key for you to succeed in your business. In many occasions, the motivation of your team derives from the rewards and bonuses they receive, although they do not always have to be financial.

Nothing demotivates a worker more than his effort and dedication are not recognized. If as an employer you don't realize it, you will end up losing that valuable person to your business. Having automated employee management mechanisms allows you to recognize the good performance of your staff.

Easy Salon Software easily and organically measures the achievements of each of your employees, so you can calculate the salary, commission, reward, and bonus they deserve.

Payroll & commission

Automated commission reports for employee management

Automated employee management makes it easy for you to establish work incentives, commissions and bonuses to apply based on compliance with schedules, availability, attention, achievements, and sales. There are two types of incentives:

They can be salary increases, bonuses (pensions, insurance, and aid), and commission son sales or products, premiums per target.
Remember to value the efforts of your employees and you will discover in each of them the best to your employees. Raise quality in the work environment and improve productivity by granting some of these awards.

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Organize employee schedules

You will always know the availability of the employees and you will be able to control entry and exit timings, as well as vacations or their different shifts.
Also, manage and control the timings at which the employees are working in the centre, reducing control tasks.

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