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Barbershop Management Software

In order to manage your barbershop efficiently, use our barbershop management software. There are a number of features that will help in the effective management. Also, with the use of software, human errors will be reduced and greater accuracy can be achieved.

Affordable & Best Barbershop Management Software

Handling barbershop also requires a lot of expertise. One has to look after all the clients, employees, inventory, billing, and many more. Doing all these tasks is difficult for a single person, especially if it is done in the traditional manner. In order to overcome this problem, we bring you the one stop software for all your barbershop management needs, the Easy Salon software.

It helps in your day to management and routine mundane work. Using the salon management software one does not need to worry about looking after the billing, inventory, clients and employees as the software does this work and aids in efficient working of the shop. All the tasks will be managed using the single software. Also, if there are multiple branches, you don’t have to fret as our system can integrate multiple branches and you can manage multiple properties instantaneously.

Well Organized
All tasks performed in the business will be managed. Schedules of employees, appointment of clients, record of stock, etc. will be handled using this software.

Multiple locations
Different properties can be managed instantaneously with the help of barbershop management software. Compare different branches and make plans accordingly.

Boost your revenues
With the marketing tools such as SMS and Emails, run marketing campaigns and attract clients. Send them promotion offers, lucrative deals and discounts.

Advantages of the Barbershop Management Software

Our software provides vibrant and cutting-edge marketing tools to keep the customers engaged with the process and encourage them to visit again.

Membership – Make Customers for a Lifetime

You can develop a long lasting and loyal customer base through this engaging membership feature, where all the necessary details of your customers are stored. The members get reward points based on their frequency of visit.

They can avail exciting gift vouchers or offers in their next hair cut appointment based on the reward points they acquired. You can also introduce offers based on seasonal demands. The members also have the feature of having a virtual wallet where they can store a prepaid amount which facilitates them for additional discounts and offers.

Scheduler – Zero Customer Attrition

You can avail the in-built calendar feature of easy salon software which allows you to schedule all your customer appointments for the day. It makes your day work easy and organized. It also allows your customers to book available slots based on their convenience. Customers can book appointments 24*7 from any place and at any time.

They can also schedule recurring appointments for which they can enjoy multi-sitting package benefits. The customers can also prefer to book their favorite barber and products beforehand which enables efficient stock planning.

Automated Remainder – Let Your Customers Know You Care

Our automated remainder feature lets you be in constant touch with your loyal customers. Based on the customer preference and availability, a customized email can be sent to remind them of their appointment with your barbershop. With the increasing number of customers it makes your process hassle free.

With a single click of button you can notify all your customers with the upcoming offers and discounts via mail or text messages. You can also select and filter specific audiences for your promotional campaign based on age, sex, gender etc.

Payroll – Happy Staff Make Happy Customers

When it’s time to pay, our software makes sure that a secure and timely payment is done to all your staff and barbers automatically. You can also pay your top performing barbers with commission based on their weekly performance. You can decide whether to pay your barber’s commission based on the hours of work put in or based on the customer reviews that they get.

This commission system acts as a boost to your employee’s productivity and promotes your profitability. You can otherwise choose to avail our automated commission calculation algorithm based on various factors such as sale type, performance and seniority.

Billing- One Touch and Hassle Free Checkout

It makes payment and billing a effortless process. Our mobile compatible salon software enables cashless transaction to be a safe and secure one. It also has a barcode scanning feature for a quicker checkout. You can also sell products packages and other services online. You can generate instant bills and invoices that are predefined in the software. All in all, it helps make the job of the cashier a trouble free one.

Stock Management – Experience the Ease of Product Sales

Never miss out on a product sale because of out of stock. Our easy salon software helps you keep track of all your product holdings. Now you don’t have to enter your store room in search of a product, our inventory management system shows a self-explanatory chart of all your in-stock, over-stock or out of stock products in a single click. It ensures and gives you an assurance that you have all things in your hand to keep your clients satisfied with your service.

Not to mention it also helps improve your retail sales. On the other hand, you will also not like to have a product that sits idle in the shelves without being sold catching dusts. This software helps you decide what product you need and in how much quantity you need it. So, it is not only about the service you provide that speaks for your salon, it is also in the tactics of up selling and cross selling of products and eliminating the chances of inventory waste.

The features of Barbershop Management Software are mentioned below:


Generating bills is essential for any software. With the help of POS in barbershop management software, easily print bills and send prompt messages to clients.

Client Management

Through clients’ profile record information of clients such as personal information and other payment history. It will help you in boosting client retention rate.

Inventory management

Manage all the inventory using its specific module and POS software. Keep track of the items sold and their usage. Also, get alerts if item is out of stock.

Prepaid packages and discount coupons

You can give multiple discounts to your clients and special package to them by using a reward system where you reward them according to their spending in the shop.

Enquiry Follow-up

The clients who come through reference or are directly walk-in, manage their follow-up and other queries in order to make them your permanent customer.

Staff commission and payroll

There are different employees in a barbershop and calculating their salaries will be tedious, thus, use barbershop management software and get work done easily.

Our goal is to provide an end to end software for barbershops to create loyal and long lasting client base. Our enterprise management software “Easy salon” helps attract new customers and retain existing customers with a complete package of marketing tools that are easy to use.

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Barbershop Management Software

Easy Salon is the #1 best selling salon management software in the market for barbershop management. Our software can be used as a one stop solution for all your customer management needs, right from booking hair cut appointments till the sales and bill generation. All these activities can be performed in seconds’ using our easy to access software solution.