Easily Manageable & Affordable Salon Software in South Africa

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Managing your salon and spa will be a piece of cake with the help of Salon Software. Our beauty salon software tailors all the needs of your salons, spas, makeup-artist, barber shop, health clinics, and beauty parlor.

Easy Online Appointment Scheduling Available

Make it really easy for your clients to book appointment online. There are multiple features provided by Easy Salon Software such as slot blocking, making double reservations and booking outside office hours. Also, integration with multiple social media handles is provided due to which customers can also place or book online appointment from your Facebook page or your unique android application.

Various other features are offered such as managing employees and clients, report generation and analysis, marketing tools to escalate your sales, membership and rewards to build jovial relationship with your clients and many more. Salon software has extended its boundaries and has many popular clients from distinct South African cities including Cape Town, Durban, Soweto, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Benoni, Tembisa, East London, Bloemfontein, and many more.

Retain & Reward clients
Improve your client retention rate by offering them rewards and special discounts using our salon management software.

Manage Multiple Properties
Salon management system provides features with the help of which different properties can be integrated & managed.

Android App
Easy salon software provides android application embedded with all features & built specifically for your business.

Get Easy Salon Software Specifically Developed For Your Business Needs


Easy Salon Software creates reports and offers analysis. With its help, it becomes easier for you to comprehend the progress of your sales and anticipate your objectives or targets accordingly.


Managing inventory is essential as it helps in advance planning. You can easily check which product is out of stock and purchase that particular product as per your requirement.


Salon management software helps you to enhance your brand visibility by providing marketing tools such as sending bulk Email and SMS thereby attracting more number of clients.


Send rewards, alert messages and reminders to your clients using our salon management system as it provides client management module that helps in retaining clients.


Make the cumbersome task of calculating salaries and commissions easy with the help of easy salon software. Also, automatic commission calculation can be done on daily basis.


Handling different branches of your salon has been made unproblematic due to salon software. Integrate multiple branches with single software and manage your branches instantaneously.


If your salon offers membership, then keeping a record of all the members and their advance or outstanding payments can be looked after smoothly and efficiently using easy salon software.


Salon management software comprehends the need and significance of feedback and provide feedback module in simple graphics so that your clients can provide their honest opinion.


In just one click, inventories can be managed, e-bills can be generated and sent to clients, receive pop-ups regarding most selling items using the Point of Sale in our Easy Salon Software.

Easy Salon Software is beneficial for your business regardless of the size of your business.

What is Easy Salon Software?

Easy Salon Software provides software solutions to salons, barber shops, beauty parlors, spa centers, etc. in various cities and countries across the globe. We have served many clients and have an experience of about a decade. As a result, we have an understanding of your needs and also know how difficult it is to manage a salon. Hence, in order to alleviate your burden, we offer salon management software which is flooded with features that will help you in managing your salon effortlessly.

Numerous Automated Features and Customer Support

Most of the work done is automated which helps in efficient management. Also, it eliminates the use of paperwork. Most of our clients prefer our service because of our timely delivery and reasonable price. Moreover, our support team is ready available if you any difficulty. No matter what problem you face, you can simply contact our support team and get your queries resolved.

Membership and Reward Management

You can send manage all you membership clients and offer them points or rewards as they avail your service through the salon app or software. You can set a reward system where after reaching a specific point, they can claim their rewards. This will help you elevate the number of your clients and will thereby help you in building cordial relationship with them.

Get Your Unique Android App

Along with other services, we also provide android application developed specifically for your salon keeping in account all your needs. Customers can use your salon app and directly make appointment, give reviews, check their pending payments or get alerts on new and exciting deals. This will not only benefit them, but will also benefit you as you can access clients in huge number. Other than salon app, clients can also make appointment on your website anytime and from anywhere.

High Security to Protect Your Private Data

Our Company also values the importance and comprehends the significance of security. The solutions developed by Easy Salon Software are highly secure and restricts any unauthorized user to access the system. Also, the payment gateways are secure and prevent any intruder from bypassing the security procedures. Therefore, we can assure you with security, efficiency and user-friendly interface for your salon software.


Easy Salon Software is a renowned IT company that offers nominal and customized solutions for various salons, spas, beauty parlors, etc. Our Salon software is embedded with multiple features such as employee management, client management, inventory control, POS, Billing, etc.

Our Salon Management Software will cost around USD 350 by subscribing our yearly subscription. Since, we offer 100% customization; there are extra charges for customization. Henceforth, additional yearly renewal charges cost is taken which cost around USD 150.

Since, easy salon software does not deal in off technologies; our company only offers online software.

Yes. Changing of tax policies and currencies can according to your respectively country can be done without any difficulty.

You cannot set up the software on your own server.

Yes, Indeed. Easy salon software offers 100% customization due to which you can customize the software as per your respective requirements.

No extra charges are to be incurred for SMS and Emails. However, purchasing it from a domestic vendor is recommended. Also, we should be provided with the API given from the domestic vendor.

We do not have any refund policy.

We offer yearly plans. One has to subscribe our yearly subscription plan. Along with this you need to pay additional yearly renewal charges.

Since, web solutions provided by easy salon software run on cloud servers our company has to pay recurring charges. Due to this, you have to pay AMC charges. Along with this, we also provide training, support and regular updates to help you manage and survive the ever changing technology.